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About Rachel Greba

What do you like about real estate
Something I love about real estate is being able to help guide people with one of the biggest investments of their life. I love seeing and feeling people’s emotions when we close; the exuberance of happiness. No day is ever the same. My job is to keep you informed on the daily changes of real estate, build rapport, trust and loyalty.

Originally from Ohio, I was raised in NKY most of my life and attended the University of Cincinnati. Living the majority of my life here has helped me stay familiar with the local market. Not just real estate, but the local economy and how it influences the housing market. Outside of real estate I’m also savvy on great local restaurants, coffee shops (even a few dog-friendly locations), and local activities around the tri-state area. For a small city, there are many things to do!

Outside of real estate I love to travel and visit new places every year. If I can bring my dog with me, I will. So far my favorite place is Italy. My next destination on my bucket list is Croatia and Slovenia, Greece, after that Australia, Japan and Malaysia. Of course the list goes beyond that. I won’t be bringing Mo (my French Bulldog) with me.
I also enjoy reading when I can. I have listened to audible, but I prefer a good ol’ fashion hand held book. I try to read at least a few every year for fun and a few learning books as well.
On a daily basis I go to the gym. Not to run (not a fan), but to lift weights. I’ve been lifting since I was 18 on a routine basis. I also have my black belt and plan on getting back into jiu jitsu.

Love moving
Is more than a tagline or hash tag for myself and our team. Love moving is a journey to be enjoyed.